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The Research Project EUROSCIENTIA » Historical information system

Historical information system


The Euroscientia Database: The visualization of state-knowledge in its spatial and temporal dynamics (persons, institutions, medias)



The Euroscienta Database is yet under construction. It constists of different local databases which will show the circulation of state knowledge between 1750 and 1850: 


Lothar Schilling (Augsburg)
Intelligenzblätter as resources for research on the circulation of state-knowledge

Isabelle Laboulais/Jakob Vogel/Paul-Arthur Tortosa (Paris/Strasbourg)
"Mining sciences" – The Journal de Mines and the voyages of engineers

Christine Lebeau (Paris)
"Public economics" – Zinzendorf: the library of an administrator

Bruno Belhoste/David Armando (Paris)
Harmonia Universalis –  The networks of the mesmerians

Jean-Luc Chappey (Paris)
Le magasin encyclopédique – a space of scientific and intellectual relations between France and Germany


Rita Hombach / Petra Overath (Köln)
The Allgemeine Teutsche Gartenmagazin – The circulation of state-knowledge in the fiels of agronomy and horticulture


Martin Braun (Köln)
Networks of the Freemason Lodges